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The Residential College Counseling Program

Program Summary

This residential college guidance experience, better known as T. Carlton Educational Consulting LLC., will offer college bound students from grades 9 through 12, and Postgraduates, on-going college counseling seminars and classes. Students will eventually have the option of boarding up to (but no more than) seven days at a time, engaging in a curriculum that will address:
      The college admissions interview;
      How to research colleges and find the right college that “fits”;
      How to create an impressive activities resume for the admissions          process;
      How to strengthen the high school transcript;
      Understanding standardized tests such as the PSAT, ACT, SAT, and          Subject Tests;
      How to create an appropriate college essay;
      Self-evaluation;
      Financial Aid, scholarships, grants, and loans, and;
      How to choose the right teacher to write the academic          recommendation.

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Independent College Counseling


Independent college counseling with Dr. Black consists of goal setting and a calendar of milestones that prepare students to stay ahead of the fast-paced college process. College guidance is a blend of teamwork and understanding, and Dr. Black leads students and parents through their scholastic journey with superior awareness. He pays close attention to the unique needs of every student he works with and advises them on what to expect leading up to college orientation to create a seamless transition to the next step.

Dr. Black's vast knowledge of college curriculum and culture places him in a unique position to guide families with great insight. With over 20 years of classroom and administrative experience, his College Guidance Calendar is well designed for college-bound students and navigates them to great success. The mission of Dr. Black and TC Educational Consulting team is to provide a unique approach to the college search experience for all college-bound students. We will strive to achieve this goal by 1.) tailoring services to the needs of each customer, and 2.) providing a comprehensive college counseling curriculum that spans from 9th grade through 12th grade, as well as Postgraduates.

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Understand the Power of Diversity with

Weights of Reality

Weights of Reality allows people to see diversity as more than color, it is a walk of life. Through open dialogue, people will share their discomforts, challenges, private victories, and limitations within the world of multiculturalism. No one will be judged, yet, celebrated for what they bring to the community. Weights of Reality takes on a more visual approach to seeing the complexities of diversity. We cannot celebrate diversity unless we understand the consequences that come along with it.

Participants Will:
• Experience life in the identity of others
• Physically see and carry the weight of being stereotyped
• Understand the difference between diversity and inclusion
• Raise their level of sensitivity towards others who are different than themselves

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